From Dokuwiki to Blogofile

March 21, 2012 at 08:33 AM | categories: Python, Markdown | View Comments

As you have noticed this site has a new look and feel, I decided to go back to basics, using simple text markup with no backend systems to manage and maintain.

Given my new found love for Python am moving most of my PHP based infrastructure to Python.

Blogofile is a nifty tool for generation of sites and blogs it uses several markup languages and no backend database at all.

Given that i already use both ReSt and Markdown, two of the formats it supports it was an obvious choice.

All my site generation now happens offline and using git integration i push the finished site into production.

Site migration was a breeze from Dokuwiki to Blogofile using the excellent Python html to markdown convertor html2text

Although Blogofile has changed the url structure of the site important links are still accessible using the old url's by using apache's permanent redirect directives.

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