Book Review: Postgresql up and running By Regina Obe, Leo Hsu

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"Postgresql up and running By Regina Obe, Leo Hsu"; O'Reilly Media

Postgresql up and running By Regina Obe, Leo Hsu;

A quick guide to the PostgreSQL Database for users with prior experience with other DBMS. The book sets out to highlight the interesting features in PostgreSQL not present in other DBMS's

The book goes over Obtaining PostgreSQL, Basic Administration, Client tools, Data types, Constraints and Indexes, PostgreSQL specific SQL, Functions, Performance tuning and Replication.

The book has a niche in the world of PostgreSQL documentation as it is concise and reference like in comparison to the volumes of documentation in the PostgreSQL manuals.

The downside is that the authors keep referencing blog posts and other external resources instead of explaining them within the book although this may be problematic for users reading the physical book instead of the ebook.

Overall it is a good reference book that cuts down on the tons of material in the official PostgreSQL manual, not for beginners though.

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